Being found is what counts

Be on top where you belong

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Content is king!
Above all your website exists for your customers! Therefore your content needs to be readable, understandable and thrilling enough. Inside your content you need to have a proper keyword density (be asured that KPI like this do not kill your message) and to optimize your content in regards of search engine rules. We are currently creating SEO content in five native languages on hundreds of platforms and channels. Contact us for more information.
Something is happening in your business - do you let the world know?
You and your team are working hard to bring your company to the top every day. There is nothing bad about letting your visitors know. The best way to do so is fresh, new content: Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter sind jeden Tag dabei Ihr Unternehmen nach vorne zu bringen. Es schadet also nicht, wenn Sie das Ihren Kunden auch mitteilen. Am besten tun Sie das über ausgewählten, frischen Content: entertaining, thrilling and brand new. We are regularly creating new content for all channels our customers use in five native languages (besides your website this can e.g. be Facebook, Blogs, Newsletters etc.).
Technical perfection
Besides the correct content your website/webshop needs to be technically excellent on behalf of search engine rules. This includes some simple as well as some more complex SEO rules. The overall rule is that your web presence is technically flawless, is loaded quickly and technically 100% up-to-date. With web development experience since 1998 we take care of your perfect web presence.