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Advertising (Ads)

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
Most businesses will not reach the desired success with organic growth only. We are developping - our own machine learning software which does - amongst others - autonomuous advertising and campaign management to optimize keywords, longtails, budgets and sales advertising channels. optimizes all budgets by pre-defined rules (e.g. "max revenue", "max visitors" etc.) over all connected channels. e.g. decides on its own how much of your budget is dedicated to Google Adwords, how much of the budget is spent on Facebook Ads and which budget share should be reserved for Amazon Sponsored Products.
Product Marketing for Marketplaces like Amazon or ebay needs very specific expert knowledge. Since we started our marketplace department in 2016 the number of accounts we manage grew to over 100. The core of our service thereby is our own account in which we can offer you full E-Commerce-as-a-Service.
Product Marketing
Are you available everywhere your customers are looking for you today? If not, we can bring you there. We already provide our all-inclusive service on a fast-growing number of European marketplaces, e.g. Amazon (all five European marketplaces), ebay, Rakuten, etc. and provide your products on numerous additional channels (e.g. Google Shopping and Price comparison portals like idealo). We are your proven experts to grow your online business.