Tailored ecommerce solutions

Optimization, development and consulting for your online business



Webshop and Website
We believe that a professional online presentation is vital. We are supporting numerous customers of different industries and company sizes with development, maintenance and improvement of their professional websites, webshops and backends fitting their needs.
Individual software solutions
With your growing business your requirements grow correspondingly. When you need more than just a presentation and a webshop we can assist you with tailor made software solutions. Our customers in this field are small and medium sized enterprises as well as start-ups with very unique needs. Our customers value our 15+ years of business process management and business software solutions.
APIs and getting everything wired
You want to provide an API? We can build it for you regardless if you plan to provide a REST API or an industry standard SOAP API. or do you want to connect external solutions into your applications? This is as well one of our core services.


We deliver the perfect content for every channel. Together with our experienced SEO team you are able to provide outstanding content in five native languages.
Like all advertising actions the right mix is deciding about your success for online ads. Finding this mix can be accomplished by lenghtly tests or by using our unique machine learning software. izz.ai decides about budget distribution for different channels autonomuously and plans entire campaigns based on self-generated high-converting keywords and longtails.
Generating a large number of visitors is nice and statistically an impportant indicator but as long as you do not turn these visitors into leads or paying customers this is worthless. To avoid this we assist you with our team of user expierence and user navigation experts to optimize your conversion rates regarding in your funnels. Assisted by our analysis applications we optmize your frontends and backends to get the most our of your visitors and make most of them happy customers of yours.

E-Commerce-as-a-Service (EaaS)

All services included
We can take over all services around your e-commerce business independently from the online sales channel. This includes amongst other services the creation of your webshop, marketing and advertising, listing of your products on all relevant marketplaces, PAN European sales and logistics, customer care in up to seven languages, logistics for end customers and return and refund management.
No setup costs
We are working 100% transparent and success-based! That means that we do not charge you anything unless we sell your products. Even marketing expenses are on us and are exclusively financed by our agreed commissions. That means when we spend money on advertising and do not sell your products it does not cost you anything.
Going international
With our experienced, native account managers we assist you to address new markets and sales channels or to extend your current business.Currently we can provide account and product management in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
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We are using our self developed, unique machine learning software to optimize ads, channels and budgets. This guarantees a minimal ACoS and growing revenue.