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Be more successful in sales and logistics with our deep learning software


Next generation enterprise ressource planning for your ecommerce

With our deep learning software we control advertising on Amazon (Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads, AMS), Google (Adwords) and Facebook (Facebook Ads). Moreover we automatically connect Google Shopping and a growing number of price comparison marketplaces. We are generating more than 1.500 keywords and 2.000 longtails per product, channel and language. We are changing the used keywords and longtails automatically by relevance and season to maximize your conversion rates.
Our software find possible keywords from multiple online resources and dictionaries. With this service we can cover large parts of possible upcoming trends automatically.
With our ongoing keyword generation and trend API on marketplaces as well as on search engines, current weather forecasts and news we recognize trends earlier and adopt these changes for the perfect marketing of your products.
Our deep learning software is watching all products and websites at least on an hourly basis and checks for unwanted changes. This helps reducing errors and content issues to a minimum.
The optimization of your sales over multiple sales channels requires regular analysis of reports of dozens of sources. Our deep learning software does so automatically every three to six hours and therefore automatically optimizes logistics and stock management.
KPI and analysis
You need to know your numbers to be succesfull! This is not super smart knowledge but it is the truth and it is more difficult than you might expect if you offer your products or services simultaneously on different channels and in different countries. Our comprehensive tracking takes care of your numbers at any time and helps you making the right decisions whenever needed.