Comprehensive keyword optimization finds keywords and optimizes autonomously - keyword optimization

Country-specific keywords is generating a growing number of keywords and longtails (= sentence fragments which are search relevant) autonomously - usually this can be some thousand keywords per marketplace and ASIN. The keyword recognition of is based on comprehensive dictionaries and pattern recognitions. Following calculates every keyword's and longtail's quality regarding conversion and Visibility in relation to a specific ASIN. This is how the perfect keyword dataset for each of your ASINs and marketplaces is created.
Sponsored Products and advertising
As an elemental part of your Sponsored Products are managed autonomously. You can choose ASIN per ASIN which strategy you would like to follow.
As soon as something is wrong with your Amazon Seller Account you need to know. To support our customers with a fast growing number of ASINs and marketplaces we created a comprehensive monitoring for relevant KPI. Your access to this monitoring tool allows you not only to control everything works as expected but you also get access to highend trend calculations.
We make data visible. See product data, keywords and evaluations in one sight.

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