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Optimize your hiring process and win the best talents

Highspeed Recruiting

Using izztalents reduces your recruiting process to less than 10 days and at the same time reduces the workload for your HR department’s organizational efforts by 75%*.



HR Workload


Days to hire


Applications per week



Building teams that outperform

Being a tech team with more than twenty years of experience in the market (yes, we really started in 2001), we know exactly what drives tech people. And we know exactly what a project/company/product requires when it comes to building the perfect team.

Permanent hires, less efforts

With izztalents, supporting your recruiting process, we do not only provide you with application documents and CVs of potential hires, but every applicant is going through a machine-learning based screening and a tailored assessment which gives a deep insight into required skills, strenghts and weaknesses of each candidate.

Holistic applicants overview

With the izztalents dashboard, progress on every open vacancy is just a click away. Everybody involved in the process can see job ads, incoming applicants, current status, comments and remarks and manual and automatic evaluations.


Izztalents has created a worldwide sourcing network, so that you do not need one. There is no shortage on experts, but a distribution issue. We bring the specialists to you.

International hires are no longer complex

Izztalents is sourcing in more than 90 countries** so far and has done hundreds of visa and work permit processes over the last years.

Visa process help
German work permit
Relocation support
All set before start
Outstanding talent journey

Ease the war of talents by creating a valuable candidate experience already during their application. Never forget any candidate and provide an answer to everyone. This shows respect to their efforts. With this you can easily take over the onboarding and welcome your new employee by the onboarding team of your company.

Tech-enabled employer branding

Screening and evaluating 100+ applications per week takes manpower and time. Outstanding talents would sign with another company long before you could take care of them. Therefore we created a smooth process that only takes seconds to read and evaluate any incoming application document, interacts with every talent instantly and sends personal emails alongside with invites to assessments. This smooth process leads to a welcoming application journey and brands your company in the best possible way.

Hundreds of applicants

Izztalents is AI-backed and flexible to configure: receive the top X % of applications, whereby you are configuring X alongside with the scale and KPIs.

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