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What does „izz“ mean?
Since we founded the company (and way before that) we have a trustworthy, lovely team member who assists and joins us 24/7 whereever she can. She is reliable, fast, hungry and good at finding things. Her name is Izzy (or Izz in short) and she is a doberman half-breed who has the best nose you can imaginge. Therefore we quickly knew that she would be the eponym for our software (and then later for the company as well).
What does izz.ai do?
Using a software instead of a human for optimization has (beside some others) two main upsides compared to manual optimizations:
  1. Software is fast: izz.ai is generating millions of keywords and longtails without needing a break, weekend or holidays. It is "learning" any language within shortest time periods and can proceed extension of its knowledge autonomously.
  2. A software is unbiased: Beside the fact that izz.ai has a very steep learning curve and is getting faster and better in optimizations with every ASIN and language it is not influenced by its current mood or form of the day. We respectively you define the framework and izz.ai decides on its own how to outperform the current results.
Where is the difference to other keyword tools?
There are several tools on the market that help you finding possible keywords for your products. But do they manage to tell you if the keyword is superior to another keyword? Do they deliver hard facts on how/where to use the keyword for a maximum impact? Do they manage all your offers at once without you using the tools manually? If the answers to one or more of the above mentioned questions is NO then you should probably give izz.ai a try.