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We develop and extend professional websites and webshops, create individual APIs and connect third party APIs to fit into your infrastructure perfectly. Moreover we deliver individual software solutions for all major platforms.
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Process development (BPM)
New requirements and digitalization need new processes for your business. With our experience of some hundred software and process development projects and the ongoing support for more than 50 small and medium-sized enterprises as well as start-ups we are able to tailor solutions that exactly fit your needs and infrastructure.
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Marketplaces (MPO)
You want to provide your products on major (and minor) marketplaces? We extend your existing solutions and processes to master any new digital challenge. With more than 200 marketplace accounts we have supervised over the last years we assist you. You do not want to master marketplaces on your own? No problem! We can take over your entire ecommerce business for you as your third party ecommerce department.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Organic optimization and growth are the key for your online success. Therefore we are developing software solutions for organic content and product optimization which we are not only providing for our customers but also use on our own sales channels. Additionally our native team assists you in content generation in multiple languages, which currently are: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
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Advertising (SEA)
Besides generic optimizations we take over creation, monitoring, optimization and alignment of your online advertising for all relevant B2C and B2B channels.
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Convertion Rate Optimierung (CRO)
More visitors in your webshop and on your website are relevant for your growth. But if your presentation is ineffective and the rate of visitors that convert into customers is too small your are damaging your reputation and lose traction where it is not necessary. With our machine learning solution izz.ai we are tracking user interaction and optimize your offers for a higher conversion rate and more valuable visitors.
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Your international team from Bavaria
We are an international team (currently with seven native languages). So we can always support you and your business on a multi-language level.
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