Delivering delightful customer experiences

When you’re out shopping for a new pair of jeans, you’re quite likely to try on a few styles for the perfect fit before buying them. Now if you’re buying jeans online, there isn’t the charm of actually trying them on for the feel of the fabric or the comfort of the style. You’ll probably just look for the brand’s

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How to define and identify your target audience

There’s an old saying that goes, “Everyone dances to the beat of their own drum.” When it comes to your product or your business, know that what you present and how you do it will be alluring to some and might not engage others. An ideal customer. A niche market. A focus audience. These are just some of the many

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Must we always step into our customers’ shoes?

(Image source: Pexels from Pixabay) Digital Strategy Consultant, Nigel T. Parker conducted research to analyse the customer experience of women who wanted to book a weekend holiday for their families online [1]. The customers knew where they wanted to go for the weekend. So, the first thing that the customers – in this case, the women – wanted to find out was

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Hello izz!

New website, extended services, new team members! We have been diligent over the last months (even more than usually). So we significantly extended what we

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