Must we always step into our customers’ shoes?

(Image source: Pexels from Pixabay) Digital Strategy Consultant, Nigel T. Parker conducted research to analyse the customer experience of women who wanted to book a weekend holiday for their families online [1]. The customers knew where they wanted to go for the weekend. So, the first thing that the customers – in this case, the women – wanted to find out was

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Why storytelling matters

Imagine you’re walking your dog in the forest one early morning and a person randomly runs up to you and says, “Hey! I’m a successful business owner, I make a lot of money, my products sell far and wide and you should call me today because my products are awesome!” You’ll probably be a little confused, perhaps even alarmed and

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Bring your brand closer to people by building sustainable relationships

(Image source: karosieben from Pixabay) Gone are the days of winning a new customer a day and ensuring they’ll be back for more. If you’ve been in business for a while, you’ve probably learned how difficult it is to attract and retain new customers. Customers come back for more when you continue to offer value. They’re not likely to stay with your

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Hello izz!

New website, extended services, new team members! We have been diligent over the last months (even more than usually). So we significantly extended what we

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